Zooming Out – Lead Follow Up

This episode of Zooming Out focuses on the lead handoff between Marketing and Sales:


Sales operations and marketing operations teams often struggle with the lead handoff from marketing to sales. Even experienced revenue operations teams are frustrated by a lack of visibility into whether sales has contacted inbound leads.

For marketing teams, this is concerning because each lead represents an investment of time, creativity, and money. Whenever the sales team fails to follow up on a lead, it’s like throwing money out the window.

Sales teams struggle with this handoff as well. Marketing-qualified inbound marketing leads (hand-raisers) should be a priority for every sales team because they are people who have expressed interest and meet the basic qualifications for speaking to sales. Every missed lead is potential pipeline that will never be realized.

In this episode of Zooming Out, Taft walks you through how to set up tracking for lead follow-up in your Salesforce instance. You will learn how to ensure that the two teams (sales and marketing) are aligned in language and process and how to make lead follow-up visible to the entire org.