OBMetrix Partnering With Outreach.io in the Galaxy Marketplace

Today, Iceberg RevOps is excited to announce a new partnership with Outreach.io. Our account-based prospecting data app, OBMetrix, is joining the Outreach.io Galaxy marketplace.

First, some context around OBMetrix:
Long before Iceberg existed, Taft and I had a problem. As Sales Development and Sales Operations leaders (and Outreach customers), we struggled to understand our outbound SDR team’s funnel in terms of accounts.
Measuring our contact funnel was easy. We could look right inside Outreach to understand how many people we approached and how many responded. That worked fine when we reached out to one person per company. But as our strategy shifted to account-based everything, and we began approaching multiple contacts in each target company, a contact funnel was no longer a good measure of outbound effectiveness.
We needed to answer questions like:
  • How many new companies did we add to our funnel this month?
  • Of those, how many responded to us?
  • On average, how many companies do we have to approach to get a meeting?
Note: Most sales leaders assume they have these reports already because they feel like table stakes. However, building them is not as easy as you might think. Go ask your Salesforce admin to build you these reports. You may be surprised.
First, we solved this problem for ourselves using a complex system of rollups and formula fields to aggregate all of our prospecting data on the account record. It worked well at first, but the third-party app we used to move data around our Salesforce org couldn’t keep up as we scaled the team. It wasn’t designed for the heavy load of sifting through hundreds of thousands of tasks.
After launching Iceberg, we solved this problem again for a few customers, but eventually ran into the same problem. There were no third-party apps that could effectively scan all of a company’s tasks (the object with the most records) quickly enough to give real-time data. In fact, the metrics were often a week old at any given time.
We knew this was a huge problem for serious outbound programs, so we decided to build a custom solution that was lightweight, easy to use, and would give our clients a clear view of their outbound prospecting funnel. Enter OBMetrix.
OBMetrix gives data-driven outbound prospecting teams visibility into their outbound funnel. It combines prospecting data from 5 different objects (contact, account, opportunity, task, and event) into a single record for easy reporting.
team metrics
Best of all, OBMetrix comes out of the box ready to work with Outreach.io. It takes about 15 minutes to set up and zero ongoing administration. It’s always running in the background.
We’re excited to share this news and ready to help Outreach’s customers get deep insights into their funnel!