Introducing Zooming Out – a RevOps Video Blog


I recently asked my co-founder, Taft Love, to spend some time creating videos to memorialize our internal discussions. For context, Taft is the VP of Sales for a DocSend, a document sending and tracking platform that helps sales and marketing teams understand how recipients interact with the documents they use during sales cycles. While he doesn’t work full time for Iceberg anymore, he has a wealth of operations experience to share with the world. After weeks of discussion about what would be most useful to the largest number of revenue operations professionals, we landed on Zooming Out.

Zooming Out is a vlog focused on revenue operations fundamentals. This series will focus on common RevOps challenges, but the format is different than what you’re used to.

Instead of long-form content focused on specific projects, Zooming Out will be a series of short videos that cover a single topic. Taft will share how we think about solving business problems from an operations perspective.

We believe that there are no silver bullets, so specific examples of how someone solved their own problem are less valuable than a framework for thinking through your organization’s challenges. While there are topics that lend themselves to tactical advice, the majority will be strategic in nature. That’s why we named it Zooming Out!

Taft will use a deck to guide each episode and those decks will be available for download here. We will make any other visual aids, like workflow charts, available for download as well.

If you want us to consider answering a sales or marketing operations question that’s on your mind, please send an email to