Sales & Marketing Operations for Small Businesses

Iceberg revops agency helps businesses grow by creating world-class experiences for their prospects and customers using revenue operations.

Get our entire team of experts for less than the cost of one hire so you can:

Increase revenue

Increase conversion rates to grow revenue with your current lead flow

Optimize systems

Optimize systems while leaders like you focus on driving new business

Track what matters

Get trustworthy reporting so you can manage your business

Improve your tech stack

Implement new tools using best practices

Stay flexible

Do it all with a flexible month-to-month contract


CRM Implementation & Optimization

Create a single source of truth for your sales and marketing teams.

  • Choose the best-fit platform for your organization
  • Integrate your CRM with other sales and marketing tools for a world-class customer experience
  • Set up the right rules so data stays clean as your team grows 

“Iceberg set up the right rules, the right definitions, and the right automation [in Salesforce] so we can safeguard ourselves and keep our data clean.”


Steve Hoffman

Vice President of Business Development


Sales & Marketing Processes

Define and implement processes with experts who’ve done it before.

  • See which marketing initiatives actually work
  • Automate lead routing
  • Maximize seller efficiency by eliminating manual work
  • Build safeguards so data stays clean as headcount increases

“When our [rep] comes in and she has a queue of 10 leads, she’s now informed on which ones to hit first because we know which sources produce the strongest leads.”


Mike Davis

Vice President of Sales


Pipeline Visibility & Forecasting

Get reporting you can trust.

  • Predict quarterly performance using today’s numbers
  • Gain complete visibility into where deals stand right now
  • Display metrics by role

“The visibility into the whole pipeline from raw lead to closed won/lost in Salesforce has been amazing. Seeing the whole of the pipeline makes forecasting that much better.”


Daren Lauda

EVP of Sales & Customer Success


Optimizing the systems you already use

What makes small business operations so powerful?


Growing companies have the biggest gaps in operational skills coupled with smaller budgets.

They need to know what they should do — and someone on hand to do the work.


This strategist/doer skillset is hard to find in one person.

Plus, they’re almost always too expensive to hire in-house.


Iceberg gives small businesses access to world-class strategists and administrative support so they can make operations their competitive advantage.

How it Works


Hop on a call, decide if we’re a fit, set priorities, and get started.


We’ll assign a DRI—directly responsible individual—who owns the success of the engagement and serves as your single point of contact.


We split work into two buckets: strategic ops roadmapping & urgent projects. Our team will hit the ground running on both right away. (The advantage of working with a team—we divide and conquer.)


Iceberg will provide ongoing support as long as you need.



The team you meet during Iceberg’s sales process is the same team you’ll work with throughout the entire engagement. No talent bait and switch here.


How many VP of Sales does it take to implement Salesforce?



One to pour the whiskey, and the other to call Iceberg.

Boost sales and marketing productivity by outsourcing systems strategy & implementation to Iceberg’s early-stage experts.