New E-book: Plugging the $700k Funnel Leak

One of the most common complaints Iceberg hears from marketing teams is that they don’t know what happens to leads after they are passed to the sales team. Marketing invests huge amounts of time and money into generating demand, but they have no visibility into whether the fruit of their labor is given adequate attention.

Not surprisingly, a common issue sales teams raise is that they struggle to track and manage the process of responding to inbound leads. They rely on a poorly configured CRM or sales reps’ self-reporting to understand whether all leads have been addressed.
This problem is more than just frustrating – it’s expensive. The opportunity cost of missing just one lead per day can be upwards of $700,000 in annual revenue.
So why do so many teams struggle to get this right? Short answer: it’s a hard problem to solve. Every hand-off within your funnel presents an operational challenge — after all, they are intentional points of failure with the potential to be an operational nightmares. If you haven’t dealt with the problem before, then solving it in your first try is unlikely.
The team at Iceberg RevOps solves this problem over and over. While every client is different, there is a lot of overlap in how we help companies across the size spectrum solve this problem.
If you’re currently struggling with the lead hand-off between marketing and sales, then our new ebook is for you: Plugging the $700k Funnel Leak, A quick, tactical guide to protecting your marketing investment by never missing a lead.
In this e-book, you will learn:
  • Why shared lead stages are important and how to create them.
  • How to memorialize an MQL to make reporting easy.
  • My preferred tools for updating your stack.
  • What reports to build for to manage your follow up process.
  • Much more!
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