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B2B Companies Who Trust Iceberg

Could You Be Among the 94% of Businesses Who See an Increase in Revenue Thanks To The Right Business Intelligence Insights?

You read that right. 

A recent survey of 788 business leaders showed that 94% of companies saw an increase in revenue* after implementing a strategic business intelligence and analytics strategy. 

But how does business intelligence and analytics help increase the vast majority of businesses’ revenue? 

Here are just some examples: 

  • More reliable forecasting 
  • Improved customer experience, reducing churn 
  • Understanding which marketing channels provide the greatest ROI
  • Identifying and improving supply chain inefficiencies 
  • Tracking the effectiveness of channel partners
  • Comparing the effectiveness of different sales messaging and tactics

The list goes on and on. 

But most companies never see the benefits of a well implemented business intelligence and analytics strategy because of tech stack issues, lack of user adoption, poor data quality, and no coherent strategy. 

That’s where Iceberg steps in. 


How Iceberg Helps You Reap The Benefits Of The Right Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

User-Friendly Dashboards
We make sure your dashboards are user friendly to improve user adoption
Robust Data Quality
Eliminate duplicates, enriching data, and cordon off any irrelevant or outdated data
User Training
We help your team understand how to use their new tools to make their work easier
Align Strategy With Business Goals
All of our implementations are guided by your wider business goals
Integrate Your Tech Stack
We build the best solutions leveraging your existing infrastructure
Extensive Documentation
We combine data and processes to get the information decision-makers need when they need it.

We believe that any RevOps partner you hire should feel like an extension of your own team. Which is exactly what you get with Iceberg and our in-house staff model.

Iceberg RevOps vs Other RevOps Agencies
Other Agencies
Iceberg RevOps
“I spent my time downloading CRM data into spreadsheets, appending with detail, and creating an accurate picture of the pipeline. It was a painful, time-consuming process. We wanted somebody smaller and agile, and Iceberg certainly fit that bill. My ability to report to our board and investors is now better than it ever was.”
Daren Lauda
EVP of Sales and Customer Success at DispatchTrack
Meet Your Revops Team

We have a fully in-house team who keeps in touch with your key stakeholders via weekly stand-ups, Slack, and Asana.

Taft Love


Brad Mora CEO
Brad Mora


Judy Cornett

Operations Manager

Ryan Hiatt

Operations Manager

Jason Thomas

Operations Manager

Natalie Eadie

Marketing Operations Manager

Madison Rawles


Zoe Love

Operations Coordinator  

Featured Success Stories from our Clients

We walk the talk - see how we’ve helped our clients.

How Iceberg Helped TaskRay Maximize Their Marketing ROI With The Right Marketing Attribution

“[Before Iceberg], we could see how individual webinars performed, but we never knew how webinars as a class performed. Being able to see results by asset type reinforced our need to host more webinars because that family of assets performs really well for us.”
Mike Davis
VP of Sales at TaskRay

How Iceberg Helped 280 Group Power a New Predictive Sales Analytics Engine

“Iceberg set the bar high for what we expect from our vendors going forward. We’re finally understanding and getting clear on the data around our sales funnel.”
Mira Wooten
Mira Wooten
Mira Wooten VP of Sales at 280 Group
We Make Sure All Your Tech Stack Integrates Seamlessly To Produce The Most Reliable Data

Your tech stack is an ecosystem and data needs to flow between each tool to avoid broken automations and unreliable data. That’s why we’re tool agnostic and work with a wide range of software.

What Your Next 3 Months Look Like

We’ll kick off your project with a 3-month deep dive into building out a roadmap for your business intelligence strategy and implementing it.

For long-term engagements not bound by specific projects, our team will continue with regular weekly or monthly sprints to tackle your needs.

The Most Frequent Questions New Clients Ask Us

Iceberg works differently from other agencies. 

Our services don’t operate with standard SOWs or quotes as these force us to stick to a plan that always changes, especially at growing companies that require agility. 

So we developed a monthly subscription model to better adapt to the needs of our clients. 

You book us to work with you for a minimum of 50 hours per month and based on your business goals we decide together what we’ll spend our time on, whether it be data science, operations work, or a mix.

We primarily work with resource-strapped B2B companies who need to bridge the gap between hiring solo contractors with incomplete skill sets and building out their own in-house Business Intelligence team.

We start off with a 3-month commitment because that’s how long it takes to make a significant dent in building out and implementing your business intelligence strategy. If you want to continue getting our support, then we move onto a rolling 50-hour/month agreement that you can cancel at any time. 

We use a sprint model to work on your projects and meet regularly with key stakeholders so we can respond to your growing and changing needs. 

The average tenure of our clients is 14 months.

We’re tool agnostic and work with a wide variety of software including; Salesforce Analytics Cloud (formerly Tableau), Looker, Sisense, Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo, Zendesk, Salesforce CPQ, Salesloft, LeanData, DocuSign, Clari, and Outreach, just to name a few. 

We work exclusively with B2B companies, most of which are growth-stage SaaS companies. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped them.

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