10-Point Systems Inspection

Iceberg’s free 10-point inspection shows you how your Salesforce compares against our checklist of best practices. While rev ops is more than Salesforce, Salesforce is a good indicator of your overall quality of your operational efficiency.

How does it work?

Just like an auto inspection, one of Iceberg’s operations experts carefully evaluates your Salesforce and delivers a detailed report with scores and guidance for any areas of improvement.

Mutual NDA

The process begins with both parties executing a mutual NDA.We will never alter or share your company’s private data.

24-hour Inspection

Your inspector needs access to your systems for 24 hours. We do not make changes to any of your systems during the inspection. If you have a full sandbox available, we never have to touch your live instance.

Report Delivered

The report is presented live to your team so we can review important details together. The report does not commit you to anything—you’re welcome to keep it and use it internally.

Example inspection points

Loss Tracking

Are you properly tracking why you lose deals?

Are your losses tracked using clean, standardized values, or non-standard fields?


Are lead sources and campaigns properly mapped from your Marketing Automation to your CRM?
Do your campaigns adhere to a clear naming convention?
Do you track first and last touch attribution?


Is your CRM secure?
Do you have strong password policies in place?
Do you limit the number of people with access to update your System?

To learn about the other seven inspection points, contact us and start your free inspection

About Iceberg

Iceberg provides modern operations skills and leadership to companies of all sizes. But we go beyond the typical, old-school consultancy — we give guidance and do the work. We’re also tool agnostic. We work with your whole tech stack to make sure it all works together.

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